Thursday, February 2, 2017

Race during the Civil War

This article talks about how African Americans played a large part in the civil war. But although they played a prominent role in the civil war it did not mean they benefited as much as White soldiers did. The article says they received less pay and deducted from their low pay, until June 15, 1864 where they began to receive equal pay. This article takes a side against the mistreating of African Americans, the writer believed that African Americans should be paid equally if they were performing the same amount of work as whites did. I agree with this article because this was a time where amendments where being passed, and equality was finally being placed in, it would be hypocritical to call African American equal as whites but then take away their rights.


  1. good point, it might be helpful for others student to look at.

  2. The amendments came after the war service so maybe the amendment wasn't so inconsistent.