Saturday, June 3, 2017

Civil Rights During the Cold War.
 The Cold War lasted between the year 1947 to the year 1991. Between those years a civil rights act was active. This article describe the civil rights movement of the year 1964. To summarize, this act ended segregation  in public places such as public bathrooms, libraries, and water fountains. This article also explains somme history of before the civil rights act explaining that decades before the recession the act was refused to be passed. Years later John F. Kennedy became president pushed hard in order to segregation. I think that this article takes the side against segregation, the author has a bias opinion over John F. Kennedy often complimenting him, and sharing one of his quotes. “will not be fully free until all of its citizens are free.” I agree with this article, the civil rights movement was a large event during the cold war that needed to occur.  With this act the people finally began to receive the rights they deserved.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Race during the Gilded Age

This article talks about the two men that played a very special role in the Gilded Age. W. E. B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington  made very large contributions to the African American community. Both disagreed in ideas. Washington believed that African American americas will gain civil rights once they take a higher role in economy. W.E.B Du Bois believed that "ceaseless agitation" was the only way to gain equal rights. This article seems to agree with both men, he believed that because of the both men major contributions where made to the movement towards equal rights for African Americans. I agree with the writer I think that both men contributed to the moving towards equality. Both men made great advantages wanting a higher education for African Americans

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Race during the Civil War

This article talks about how African Americans played a large part in the civil war. But although they played a prominent role in the civil war it did not mean they benefited as much as White soldiers did. The article says they received less pay and deducted from their low pay, until June 15, 1864 where they began to receive equal pay. This article takes a side against the mistreating of African Americans, the writer believed that African Americans should be paid equally if they were performing the same amount of work as whites did. I agree with this article because this was a time where amendments where being passed, and equality was finally being placed in, it would be hypocritical to call African American equal as whites but then take away their rights.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Race During The American Revolution.

Race played a role in the American Revolution, although there were free blacks, there were still African Americans serving as trapped slaves, and as time progressed their only way to become somewhat "free" from their slave duties was to be requited for war. Although slaves weren't directly affected by the wolds new taxes, African Americans played a large role in the revolution. This article talks about how African Americans weren't really recognized by the part they played in the War for Independence. The article explains how many of the slaves believed they were fighting for there freedom, they had high expectations. Little did the slaves know that the once the Declaration of Independence was declared it promised liberty to all men.... but didn't end slavery. This is tough, seeing that the slaves had proven themselves in battle. Soon after the Continental congress adopted a policy of excluding African American soldiers. Despite the policy African Americans still wanted to fight against the British! This brought a change, almost every state above the Potomac River requited slaves in exchange for their freedom

This article seems to take a side that the slaves where being treated unfairly, I agree. How is that after signing the Declaration of Independence there were still slaves, women, men and children that weren't free? Race during the American revolution sadly still played a large role... African Americans were still being treated unfairly.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

 Race In The Colonial Period 

Welcome to my second blog post, this post will talk about race during the colonial period and if its had an effect on the way races are treated currently.

Would you say that the way certain races where treated back in the colonial period effects how races are treated now?

 In my opinion, yes, races have been effected because of the roles they played in the colonial period.

African americans played a role as slaves, constantly being sold and packaged tightly together with many inhuman treatments.  Slaves where often punished harshly deprived of their food, and stolen of their basic human rights.

 Native Americas where invaded by colonist, benefiting from trade and new technology but then suffering from the diseases brought by the europeans.

Europeans explore, colonized, had a rapid growth in population, and where able to experience new learning and new technology.

Today, many people seem to think that the roles that where considered normal in the colonial era play a large role in modern day. Caucasians maybe seen as high class because in the colonial period your race often defined your role in society.  African Americans, maybe seen as lower class because they were treated unfairly and inhumanly in the colonial period. Lastly Native Americans today maybe seen as middle class because during the colonial period although they did have a role in society it didn't necessarily mean they had a role in the government.

This link summaries the social classes during the colonial period. I believe that this link provides a lot of important information that gives a clearer view on how social classes really where back during the colonial period.  It starts off with enslaved field hands this included African American women, children, and men that where brought to America to work (often in tobacco fields) sun up to sun down. This work often included harsh workings conditions and at most their only rest would be Sunday. The second class was ensalved house servants these servants worked but  just household work, cooking,cleaning and laundry. Ensalved house servants where also African Americans hired by caucasian european colonist. Higher up in the social ladder they have free blacks  the link talks about how the European colonist had little to none free blacks in the population. Free blacks included men, and women but they weren't really free? "Free blacks" where able to own property work and make large contributions to their community but still didn't enjoy the same rights as caucasian citizens. Next comes the farmers, the farmers where able to farm with the labor of their own families and also where able to hire slaves to help. The middling group also known as the middle class included the men and women that worked in trades. Lastly the gentry class this was also seen as the upper class during the colonial period. The gentry class included large landowners, wealthy merchants, and owned many slaves. The gentry class usually included caucasians and no African Americans.

I believe that it shows the way the colonial periods social class, and how the roles where much involved by race. In the link it shows that most servants/slaves where african american and middle class and upper classes was filled with caucasians and not african americans. Although there was a class called free blacks but it did't stick to the wording "free" because they still had limitations and where not granted the same rights caucasians had because of the color of their skin.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

 I chose this theme not only because of personal reasons but also because I think the United States has suffered a great deal because   of some of its habitants inability to accept something that humans have no control over. Its almost every month we see on the news hate crimes, or people of authority bashing other races on tv spreading the ignorance. Race although it shouldn't plays a great deal in our society, because we still live in a society that still constantly judges physical appearance, and stereotypes people because of their race.

 This article talks about how race plays a bigger part in todays society than it did when America still had segregated bathrooms and schools.  It express that racism is still a very large issue, and the hatred of a race is the motive for a lot of hate crimes that have occurred in Americas long history. The authors point of view  stresses that although we have updated and modernized many things from Americas pass the decline of racism is not declining what so ever. Truthfully I completely agree with this article, how is it that America is full of so many different races and many of us still haven't learned to accept them for their beauty and uniqueness. It continues to stun me that we are constantly hearing about hate crimes that have occurred towards almost every race still in the year of 2016.